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Wide Area Networks (WANs) are used to expand the network reach of a company with offices located at a number of different sites - nationally, and/or internationally. Point to point (P2P) circuits using leased line, Ethernet or wireless technology are used to connect sites together to form the WAN.

We have an excellent track record configuring and managing the WANs of a number of UK companies. Our sister company Peerex takes care of circuit specification and procurement, after which the AlwaysLinux team handle configuration and ongoing support, managed via our firewall/gateway product. Our remotely managed network nodes exist not only in the UK, but also in Germany, Sweden, France, Israel and North America.

In summary:

  • WANs extend the reach of a network by connecting sites together via secure, dedicated P2P circuits
  • AlwaysLinux handles the firewall configuration and ongoing support of the WAN
  • Traditional routing hardware or Linux based routing solutions can be deployed, depending on customer preference
  • We advise on the type of P2P circuit required, dependant on the distance and data capacity required. Examples are:
    • X.21 Leased lines <2Mb (over any distance)
    • Lan Extension Service (LES), 10Mb/100Mb/1Gb (<1.5Km)
    • National Ethernet, 10Mb/100Mb/1Gb (>1.5Km)

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