Linux Consultancy Experts & Linux Solution Providers

Address of Linux Support Company in Sheffield

Our Linux consultancy services offer advice, assistance and expertise in the following areas:

  • Deciding if deployment of open source (Linux) services could provide a viable and lasting benefit in terms of cost, reliability and durability
  • Office network design and hardware recommendations
  • Choosing and working with Internet service providers
  • Networking: hardware, cabling, routing, connection sharing, firewalls, traffic management
  • Linux-Microsoft integration via Samba and Terminal services
  • E-mail servers: SMTP, sendmail, POP, IMAP, list servers
  • Internet service provision, virtual hosting, Domain Name Service (DNS)
  • Using VoIP with Linux telephony solutions
  • Network security audits: assesment of firewall protection, protection against hacker attacks, and other network-critical metrics
  • Disaster recovery & Backup solutions

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