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Where custom code is needed to carry out a specific task, or if a number of regularly undertaken administration tasks need to be automated, our custom programming and scripting services are provided in the C, Perl, Awk and Python languages.

Our development activities fall broadly in to the following categories:

  • Simple scripting to handle recurring/automated tasks
  • Applications to give users control over common server tasks
  • Web development with PHP (e-commerce, shopping baskets etc.)
  • Database-web integration using MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • Bespoke coding to develop business-specific applications, as specified by the customer
  • Complex applications customised to emulate a particular business function within an organisation (workflow, business process etc.)
  • Code maintenance and updates for existing scripts/bespoke applications

The development cycle is initiated by gathering user requirements for the new software, after which a plan of works and estimate of time and cost is produced. Once agreed, development starts and stages are signed-off as agreed milestones are reached. Feedback from users is invited at all stages of development, and once finished, users are invited to test-drive the pre-release product during the UAT (User Acceptance Testing) phase. During UAT the software is fine-tuned to meet exacting customer needs, and when finished, arrangements are made for installation and/or ongoing hosting of the software.

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