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Address of Linux Support Company in Sheffield

The Linux support options offered by the AlwaysLinux team are provided on a per incident (ad hoc) basis, or can be incorporated within a longer term maintenance agreement. We work closely with customers to tailor support packages providing maximum degrees of flexibility, especially in times of need. Service includes support for, but not limited to, Linux based:

The majority of Linux support requests are solved remotely, where solutions are delivered centrally from our office via secure connection over the Internet. This approach benefits from our ability to draw on the collective resource of a number of experienced Linux technicians; each of whom can contribute specialised levels of expertise during the problem solving process - therefore providing a speedy resolve to even the most challenging problems.

Support requests lodged by users can also be resolved via e-mail or over the telephone. On-site support is also an option, especially if intervention is required in the case of failed hardware.

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