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Address of Linux Support Company in Sheffield

The AlwaysLinux team has developed a good level of experience over the years providing companies with a wide range of Linux related services. Some of the more commonly requested tasks we undertake on behalf of our clients are listed here...

  • Server installation, configuration and ongoing support
  • Server virtualisation
  • Upgrading PHP/MySQL/Apache
  • Backup strategies and implementation
  • Systems Monitoring (via 'Nagios')
  • Migrating users and servers to new hosts
  • Housekeeping tasks: ensuring scripts and auto updates run as scheduled, checking memory/disk usage etc.
  • Auditing security measures and recovering from security breaches
  • Performance tuning and troubleshooting
  • Addressing mailing issues: spam/virus filtering, routing, virtual mailboxes etc.
  • Installing and troubleshooting scripts
  • Clustering and high-availability systems
  • Disaster recovery: Configuration of hot-swap or standby servers for quick deployment in times of main-systems failure, and with minimal downtime

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