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For users needing access to the office network from a remote location, our VPN (Virtual Private Network) solution offers a secure route back to base. Coupled with terminal services users benefit from being able to log on to their familiar desktop at work, complete with access to data, applications and e-mail held on the office server - all over a secure, encrypted connection. The solution does of course rely on the quality of the broadband connection at the distant end, but is completely independent of wherever in the world the user may happen to be. To date, users have successfully worked remotely by using our VPN solutions from as far a field as North America, Japan and Australia - not to mention countless locations in Europe.

VPN Solution
  • Establish secure connection from users home broadband connection back to office server
  • Enable remote file/e-mail access
  • Only allow access to company server from dedicated remote users. Authenticate by their IP address, user name/password, or both

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